Route Choice # 5 comes home

RC#5 started off as the Junior Mag within a mag - it's mother being CompassSport. Ned Paul, CompassSport founding editor, started RC#5. It has been edited by various Juniors in the past, some of whom were particularly good in the forest and at editing RC#5. James Pearce, Tim Lenton, Oli Johnson to name a few.

Then Andrew Kelly as English Development Officer took it out and set it up as a stand alone magazine. It was sent to all BOF Junior members and schools - it was also the British Schools (BSOA) newsletter. However, it continued to be executively produced by CompassSport and Suse Coon - CompassSport Editor no. 2.

2007 sees a change at British Orienteering as they put some Junior Pages in their Newsletter, Focus. This means Route Choice #5 will return to CompassSport and will, like before, have a Junior as its Editor. You will have to wait until the first issue to see who it is!

If cirulation numbers continue to rise and depending on how advertising goes, I would like ideally to increase the size of CompassSport to encorporate the change - we will have to wait and see. Presently it will stay at 52 pages.