CompassSport Advertising Rates for 2023

If you are interested in advertising in CompassSport, please e-mail:- Nick (AT) or call me on +44 (0)7720952241


Full Page 

(Back Cover)                       £520                   £420                                   £320


Rest of Magazine              Single Ad       Series of 3.each                   Series of 6.each



Full Page                            £420                   £365                                £295


2/3 Page                            £335                   £295                                 £260


Half Page                           £260                   £235                                 £195


1/3 Page                            £210                   £185                                 £140


Quarter Page                      £170                   £145                                £125 


Eighth Page                        £85                     £80                                  £70


Sixteenth Page                    £42                    £38                                  £34


Single Column                     £210                   £175                                £135


2/3 Single Column              £180


1/2 Single Column              £140  


1/3 Single Column              £110


1/4 Single Column              £90


Double Column                   £345


2/3 Double Column            £300


1/2 Double Column            £270


1/3 Double Column            £180


1/4 Double Column            £110




Static Advert on website £40 per month, £70 for 2, £90 for 3, £120 for 6 months




Discounts for multiple ads allow for minor text changes. Substantial changes charged at cost.


Display advertisers of 1/2 page ads or more receive a complimentary magazine.


All half- and full-sized adverts receive free rotating banner ad on CS website if wanted. All Series advertisers get a link on the website and others generally do too.




Banners and Advertisements should be sent to the editor in a finished format in good time for publication. (For copy dates see FAQ on website). Designing of Banners and Ads can be done in house for reasonable fees. Please contact Nick for more info.




Inserts and free samples of certain kinds can be distributed with CompassSport Issues. E.g. Single sheet A4/5 flier supplied directly to our printers, 250gbp for an Issue.


Larger sizes on application to allow for increased postage costs. Terms by arrangement.




Display advertisements: 30 days from publication date of magazine.


 Full Payment of Series 6 Ads with booking attracts a 5% discount.


  Late payment may attract a 5% administrative surcharge and interest.



EVENT ORGANISERS - We have various solutions to help catch readers attentions at all sorts of prices. Please contact us on the above address for more info.