Q. Is there any archive of old CompassSport Copies?

A. A copy of every issue since the start has been sent to the British Library in Wetherby, Yorkshire, so they have a complete set as I understand it. I am not sure if they store it there or elsewhere.

There is also a British Orienteering Archive at Sheffield University.

I also understand that somebody has donated a complete set up until Suse Coon took over (so up to 1998?) to Glenmore Lodge, the National Outdoor Sports Centre for Scotland and home to Scottish National Orienteering Centre.

I am sure there are more places for archival resources, so please let me know and I will put them here.

If you have a set you want to donate, then I may be able to help in suggesting the best location for them - rather than the recycling bin! for instance, I understand some of the other copyright libraries are lacking in this valuable publication!

There is no online archive yet - maybe in the future - if somebody wants to volunteer for this highly time consuming job digitising it all, especially for the earlier issues? -  let me know and we can put them on this site.

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