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The JUN24 issue and the 40th WOC Souvenir Programme started landing on UK doormats on the 2nd July. It contains coverage of BOC Middles & Northerns, BOC Long & Relays, Know Your Class Leader from SAX and AIRE, Planning & Phyiscal difficulty, Distraction to Discipline pt3, Scarborough Accessible course, ASOM in Leuven & Glasgow CRET weekends, the usual columns / features and more.

This issue will also contain a 32 page programme for the upcoming WOC24 in Edinburgh Scotland. Subscribers at the time the address listswent to the printers on the 25th June will get this free. (Otherwise they are £6 and available at WOC24 itself or pre-ordering at https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?elid=Y&event_id=13816.)

Any non-subscriber who is not going to WOC who wants a copy of the Souvenir Programme should get in touch with me: Nick - at - CompassSport.co.uk

Make your your Sub is up to date!