Feedback from our First Issue - 1/2006

Many thanks to all who have contacted CompassSport with praise and comments on our First Issue - we had dozens! See below for a small selection:-

Congrats on the first issue - arrived today. Lots of maps and more about real orienteers and not just elites - which is good.

Congrats on your first issue - am still enjoying reading it!

Congratulations on your first copy of the magazine. I thought it was a really good read. Love all the maps etc. Some printing of type upon darker colours makes it more difficult for me to read, but I know you are trying to attract younger readers as well as oldies.

Just a quick note - even if it's taken me a couple of weeks to get round to it - to congratulate you on a masterly first effort which I am sure you will be able to repeat (and even improve upon, if this were possible) in issues and years(!) to come. Having been fortunate to have received (and retained) every copy of The Orienteer and CompassSport since the outset, I can say with some authority that you have surpassed them all with your very first effort - even without the statutory regular letter from Jim Prowting... Well done!

I would like to congratulate you on your first issue of CompassSport. It was a jolly good read, as it was interesting in every respect and I welcomed the preponderance of event reports. I like them and missed them a lot. Especially that most of the reports you wrote about I have been to as well, so I enjoyed them even more. The Round Aldershot one especially, as I was not there myself, was really interesting.

Congratulations on producing the new CompassSport. I just sat and had the most enjoyable hour at breakfast reading through the new edition. Great to see lots of maps, I especially enjoyed the centre spread around Aldershot - to see all the O maps together was great.

Congratulationson your first issue. I thought the varied mix of articles was great and really enjoyed it, well done.

I regularly have a go at the crossword in The Times. I cannot always complete it but I enjoy being tested by the compilers, who consistently set clues of good quality. Within all these clues, now and again, once in a blue moon, there is a clue/light combination which is sublime. Short but elegant and shining like a diamond among other jewels. There was one such clue in the crossword in CompassSport. I refer to Clue: "Some pine, maybe, here? (4-4)" Light: "Semi-open." Brilliant! You do not expect such quality in crosswords set in limited circulation magazines, so the discovery was all the more appreciated. Thank you. I thought the crossword was neatly done and I look forward to others from the same compiler.

Just back from skiing this morning and only had a quick glance at CS over breakfast but it looks excellent - well done - I'm going to have a good read of it later (mind you I'm not surprised I can't get anywhere near Inara Gipsle - I'm quite relieved to read her pedigree -I thought it was just me being totally useless!).